Weapons Grand Champion 2014, Kenpo Karate Internationals  Long Beach, Ca.

 Grand Champion in Fighting, 1st in Forms and Weapons at  The Festival of the Kings  in  2011  Hollywood, Ca. 

 1st in Fighting, Forms and Weapons  Pro Kenpo Grand Nationals San Diego, Ca. 

 1st in Forms and 1st in Weapons at I.K.K.A. Internationals 2010 in Las Vegas, Nv.

 Grand Champion in Forms at G.S.K.A. Internationals 2009 in Stockton, Ca.

 1st place in Fighting & 3rd in Forms at U.S. Open 2011 in Orlando, Fl.

Mr. Brandon Hubbard has been training in Ed Parker'€™s Kenpo Karate since 2003. Mr. Hubbard tested for his black belt in front of his teacher 7th degree Senior Professor Scott Halsey and 10th degree Senior Grand Master Richard "€œHuk"€ Planas in 2009. Since then he has been promoted to 4th degree. He has also earned a black belt in Limalama from Sifu Joe Covington in 2007. Since then has been promoted to 3rd degree black belt from the founder of Limalama "Tino" Tuiolosega and his son Rudy Tuiolosega. Mr. Hubbard has been teaching Martial Arts since 2005.

Mr. Hubbard loves to compete and has the rare accomplishment of winning both Kata and Fighting grand champion in 2011 & 2012 at Scott Halsey's Karate Championships, he also has won tournaments such as:

700 Glenn suite #100 Folsom, Ca 95630